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Haynesworth Traded to Patriots


In a surprise not so surprising move, the Redskins have traded talented, yet disgruntled DT Albert Haynesworth to(cough, cough)the New England Patriots, this accouring to ESPN's Adam Schefter. The deal is said to be in exchange for a 2013 5th round

Haynesworth, who is scheduled to make $5 million this season, now becomes the potential headache to Patriots head coach Bill Belichick.

There is one small caveat here. The trade is contingent upon Haynesworth passing a physical, which as you all know, is not a given. I'm assuming there will be some sort of conditioning test to pass as well, but Albert will likely be measured next to Vince Wolfork, so if he can't keep up with that monster, there is no hope for him.

Anyways, it looks like the Redskins will finally be able to part ways with Albert, and the Patriots(like always)will be the beneficiaries of yet another teams mistake.