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Fat Pickled Hogs Radio Tonight at 9pm - Davin Joseph & Robert Henson

Fpradio_mediumWe're back! We know you know you missed it. Maybe you didn't miss it like you miss Rob Johnson scrambling around a Redskins backfield, but miss it in a T.J. Duckett kind of - mild effort with little production.

We have two solid guests tonight:

9:05 PM - Robert Henson - He's been inside Redskins Park watching game film with Haslett and Kerrigan. We'll try to get a feel of what's going on at Redskins Park as we've been approaching camp. 

9:30 PM - Davin Joseph - A Pro-Bowl Guard, (Free Agent might I add) that will talk to us about his future in 2011 and his past with Bruce Allen in Tampa. Multiple teams have contacted Joseph's agent, and he'll be calling in after he wraps up his dinner with the Bucs.

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