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Report: Bengals to Release Chad Ochocinco; Should Redskins Look?

Via Rotoworld:

Sources are confirming one of the first moves from the Bengals will be cutting ties with Ochocinco - Getting word this will happen before Saturday.. Add Ochocinco to the list of potential WR options for other teams looking for a 3rd WR (Dolphins / Raiders / Patriots) will all have possible interest.

I originally saw this rumor from Incarcerated Bob, who is a sports radio host for the THE FAN in New York City. He is not 100% on his rumors, but he does get a lot right. If the Redskins did bring in Ocho, do not expect a positive post for me. The Redskins do not have any kind of answer at Quarterback, so why bring in a guy that brings attention to himself? Ocho should be playing for a playoff contender as his career is waning. The only reason he'd be coming to D.C. is for a paycheck.

So that leads to an interesting question. Who would get #85...Hankerson or Ocho?