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A Trip Down Lockout Lane: Reviewing Top Redskins Lockout Stories

It’s over.

After 131 long days of  speculation, frustration, confusion, hoodwinking and bamboozlement, the NFL Players and owners look to have finally ended their labor dispute and there will be football once more. Hallelujah.

It was often wondered just before the lockout began if the Redskins, a team that's historically made headlines in the offseason, would still be able to generate offseason buzz despite a work stoppage.

But as the last four and a half months have taught us, a work stoppage isn’t enough to this team out of the offseason spotlight. 

Let’s take a look back at some of the top Redskins storylines during the lockout, in chronological order:

Stories after the jump

Redskins Lockout Stories:

- Redskins release letter to fans addressing the lockout

- Redskins players hold a players only workout. They are the first NFL team to do so.

- Redskins have a twelve player draft, addressing a number of needs, none of which are quarterback. 

- For the first time, Mike Shanahan gives John Beck a resounding endorsement immediately after the draft

Redskins are reportedly a ‘Front Runner' for Vince Young

Donovan McNabb refused to wear a wristband containing the playsheet, claiming it would ruin his image

- There are those who did not believe the McNabb wristband story

- The John Beck media blitz begins. Beck goes on numerous radio shows campaigning for starting job

Redskins hold second players-only workouts, with 40 players showing up, including 10 rookies

Seats are being removed from FedEx Field's upper deck. No one knows why yet

 - Turns out the seats removed from FedEx are being removed because team will construct ‘Party Decks' in their absence

 - Kyle Shanahan is apparently a control freak 

 - Albert Haynesworth likes to read the newspaper in defensive meetings, despite what Jim Haslett  tells him

 - Redskins hold final players only workout. This time John Beck hires a camera man to film practice

 - Trent Williams is absent for each round of workouts, which concerns some

 - Donovan McNabb says that 2011 will be a ‘special season'

 - McNabb also worked out briefly with a handful of former Eagle teammates, which meant nothing

 - Redskins reportedly to, surprisingly, be aggressive in free agency. Santonio Holmes and Cullen Jenkins could be their main targets

 - Redskins are also constructing solar panels at FedEx Field

 - Those party decks? Turns out those they may not be constructed after all

 - The truth of the matter was that Vonnie Holliday got tricked, duped, led astray, hoodwinked, and bamboozled by the NFL owners after they ratified a CBA


And after all of that, it looks like we are finally getting back to football. 

So now that the lockout is virtually over, what was the top Redskins storyline to develop over the past four months?