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Is Now the Time to Trade Chris Cooley?

Is now the time to sell on Chris Cooley?
Is now the time to sell on Chris Cooley?

This has been a topic of discussion in the past, but in the abbreviated post-season that is, hopefully, about to begin, does it make more sense now to consider trading Chris Cooley more than ever before? I say yes.

Sure we all love Cooley, but we also have to embrace our youth and our rebuilding process. With free agency and player movement in such a condensed period of time Cooley could become a tremendously hot commodity. There frankly just aren't that many options available on the free agent market. So would a team looking for that one piece to get them over the hump be willing to pay more for Cooley than normal?

Certainly by the time we can contend in 2-3 years whatever haul we could get for Cooley would be more valuable than Cooley himself. If we were able to get a offer of a 2nd or 3rd round pick then I would think we'd have to pull the trigger on a Cooley trade. The other factor in this is Fred Davis, our 25 year old TE going into the last year of his contract. Surely Fred will seek employment elsewhere if Cooley is still here next year, right? So who is better for 2012, Fred Davis and a a draft pick, or Chris Cooley?  Honestly, trading Cooley seems like a no-brainer to me.

Many will point at Cooley as a leader, but that's a point that I would strongly contend.  Cooley is a leader as the result of his tenure, not his leadership skills.  He seems more of a class clown then a leader, not that there is anything wrong with that.

Another factor in this is the emergence of Logan Paulsen, who could be a viable second tight end for the time being. Also, the Cowboys are most likely going to cut the uber-talented Martellus Bennett, who has never really got his total game together but could be a low risk, high award option.