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Roster Battles: Running Back

Another training camp battle that is sure to be interesting and full of youth is the running back spot.  Although not as dicey as wide receiver, the battle is sure to be filled with drama. I still wouldn't be surprised if Mike Shanahan adds another horse to the mix, whether it be another rookie or a veteran free agent.  So lets handicap this race and we'll keep track of the players stock over the course of the preseason.

Ryan Torain (9): I still liken Torain to a foggy dream, where did this guy come from and did that really happen? Torain's only issue is his injury woes, but barring something crazy Torain should have a spot and, most likely the starting role, locked down. Side Note: Does anyone know if he has beef with Arizona St? I noticed on the Skins site he's listed as being from Butler County Community College.

Roy Helu (7): Seven might be low for Helu, but the fact is we haven't seen the guy yet.  From all accounts Helu should thrive in Shanny's offense and receive a good amount of carries.

Keiland Williams (5): Williams should make the team because of the experience he gained last year, but its far from a sure thing.  He'll have to perform well in the preseason to earn a second tour of duty with the Skins.

Evan Royster (4): Royster has practice squad written all over him, but he could certainly challenge for a spot.  Its not clear what his role will be yet. Should he be a running back? A fullback? Or a hybrid of both? The hometown kid is going to have go all out to earn a spot on the squad.

Chad Simpson (2): Barring a miracle Simpson doesn't really have a chance. His special teams skills are a plus but most of those roles should be taken up by recent draft picks.

James Davis (2): I'm not sure if Davis will even be in camp, but I've always liked the guy going back to his Clemson days.  I think he could challenge for a spot, but that's certainly a stretch.

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