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Feeding Frenzy: Free Agency Predictions

Since the lockout seems to be officially coming to a close I just have one mental picture in my head. I can just picture Danny skipping down the halls of Redskins Park with the "Most Wonderful Time of the Year" playing in the background (Haynesworth may be skipping with him?).

I thought it would be good to gather everyone's predictions for the impending free agency that is about to occur.  Who will the Skins re-sign? What FA will we sign first? What FAs will we sign? And what player are we going to sign that's going to make your go "WTF!?!?!?!?!" (you know its going to happen).  So here are my predictions:

Re-signed Players:

Santana Moss: According to Kevin he'll be signing his new contract at a Miami strip club.

Rex Grossman: No brainer here

Jammal Brown: Although I don't think he'll sign in the restricted first three days, I think he'll end up back with the club.  But I'd expect the Skins to hold off until "real" FA starts and take a run at Free, Gaither, or sign Harris.

Reed Doughty: Solid back up to compete with Horton, Moore, and Gomes.

HB Blades: Depth move to bolster thin ILB corps.

First Free Agent to Sign

Aubrayo Franklin: Quick to get the stank of Fat Al out of his mouth, Danny takes Redskins-1 straight to San Fran to sign an actual hard working lineman from the University of Tennessee.

Other Free Agents the Skins will Sign

Justin Blalock or Harvey Dahl: I don't think the guard market will have as many options as everyone thinks. Yanda will go back to the Ravens. The Bucs have to spend A LOT of money and have made it public they want Joseph back, and the Falcons will sign one of their two guards back.  Whomever is left will end up in DC.

Josh Wilson: Still need a CB and I think Wilson is our guy.

Marcus Spears: I think the Danny really wants Cullen Jenkins and there is still a strong chance he ends up in DC. But I think former Cowboy Marcus Spears could make a lot of sense as a rotational DE.

Redskins WTF!?! Moment

Matt Hasselbeck: A lot of talk about John Beck, but I think another "Beck" will end up in DC.  I'm not sure why, but I just have a feeling.

Other Thoughts

- With the Cowboys in salary cap shambles, does anyone else see Carlos Rogers' options slowly drying up? I think there is a chance he could end up back in DC despite a tumultuous offseason.

- Stephon Heyer will not be back and he'll place will be taken by Selvish Capers.

- I see a scenario where we don't sign any CBs and Phillip Buchanon makes his way back. He did a pretty good job at the nickle last year. But if someone is signed then I think Barnes and Gomes slip into the nickle spot rather than Buchanon coming back.

- A kicker will not be brought in to compete against Graham Gano