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Video of Santana Moss Working Out with Ocho Cinco and Andre Johnson

Santana Moss has been low key this off-season, but here's some impressive video of Tana working out with Andre Johnson and Ocho Cinco. Some of these route runs look too fast to be real. I tried to keep an eye on people walking by in the background (similar to that awesome Simpsons episode where they edited Homer's interview and the clock hands are moving all over the place).

Regardless, Ocho Cinco has a crazy foot drill on the 3:20 mark, which Tana has trouble being able to do. Based on everything I've seen in this video, the Redskins should definitely re-sign Moss. (Sarcasm alert). But really, we do need Tana. 

I would pay $25 to see Ken Meringolo attempt Santana Moss' drill at the 5:45 mark.