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Roster Battles: Wide Receiver

Despite a surprising 2010 campaign, Anthony Armstrong could be in jeopardy of making the 2011 squad.
Despite a surprising 2010 campaign, Anthony Armstrong could be in jeopardy of making the 2011 squad.

Word on the street is that teams will begin a three day period to re-sign players starting this Friday. Our training camp this year should have more battles than ever before, and we plan to keep extensive track on each of these battles. I plan on keeping weekly stock on these various battles on a week-by-week basis (when camp starts) using a 1-10 system. 10 being they have a job locked down and 1, well you better pack your bags.  We've discussed obviously discussed a lot of this in length this offseason, but why not handicap this a little more starting today?

For all intents and purposes I'm predicting Santana Moss will be back with the Skins for his 7th tour of service in DC.

Predicted Spots Available: 6

Santana Moss (10): If Moss comes back he is the only Redskins WR in my eyes that is 100% guaranteed a roster spot for the 2011 campaign.

Leonard Hankerson (9): A lot of Skins fans are ready to crown Hankerson the next Andre Johnson or the second coming of Art Monk.  Hankerson is surely a nice prospect but it is also important to remember he was a third rounder.  I don't think the unfair amount of pressure that Hankerson will receive when he arrives in Ashburn will bother him, and hopefully he will develop into the receiver we all know (well at least we think we know) he will be.

Anthony Armstrong (6): Anthony Armstrong was probably the biggest surprise for the Skins last year. Many will be surprised to see the 6 rating next to his name. But I don't think he's a lock to make this team.  He's certainly a hard worker, and that has paid dividends, but Armstrong is 28 years old and just about every WR drafted or on the roster this year has more god-given talent than AA. He can't rest on his laurels and is going to have to work even harder this year to make Mike Shanahan's squad. You have to ask yourself, if Shanny was content with AA then why go out and draft 3 WRs?

Malcolm Kelly (4): Kelly has to be the biggest wild card in this battle. He sat out all of 2010 on the IR (a move that may have saved him a spot) and, frankly, no one knows what to expect from the former Oklahoma Sooner. With the influx of new talent I don't see Kelly making the team, but Shanahan has nothing to risk and everything to gain by bringing Kelly to camp, hopefully he is a tremendous surprise.

Brandon Banks (4): Banks is a fan favorite, but does he bring anything else to the squad besides punt returning? And is a roster spot worth sacrificing for such a one-dimensional player? I say no. Banks has to show that he can produce as a WR this preseason or he will be looking for work elsewhere.

Aldrick Robinson (3): A 3 sounds like a harsh rating but that is where I'm going to put the rookies at until we see them in the burgundy and gold. Robinson was a dynamo at SMU and could be a tremendous slot weapon for the Skins, he is probably Brandon Banks main adversary this preseason. We also have to remember these players a practice squad eligible.

Niles Paul (3): Paul is the third rookie that needs to prove himself.  He was woefully inconsistent at Nebraska but showed flashes of brilliance.  Paul's primary chance to make this team may come via special teams, where he excelled as a Husker.

Terrence Austin (3): Austin did get some experience late in the season in 2010, but its back to square one for the UCLA product. He'll have to battle it out with everyone else to make this squad and it seems like the odds are against him.

Below the Cut-Line (1)
Taurus Johnson
Maurice Price
Roydell Williams