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Hogs Haven Community GM: Fullback

Do the Skins need an upgrade at FB?
Do the Skins need an upgrade at FB?

Probably in one of the most controversial HH Community GMs Cullen Jenkins was signed by the Skins fan-base for 5 years, $8.5 million per year. This dwindles down our salary cap to $16.5 million and the news the NFL has a $120 million cap, instead of the $125 we started with sinks us to $11.5 million (yea that just happened). As of right now, we have:

Ryan Harris, RT: 6 Years, $5 Million
Jonathan Joseph, CB: 6 Years, $12 Million
Aubrayo Franklin, NT: 4 Years, $8 Million
Davin Joseph, G, 6 years, $7 Million
Santana Moss, WR, 3 years, $5.5 Million
Rex Grossman, QB, 2 years, $4 Million
Cullen Jenkins, DE, 5 years, $8.5 Million

Today, we'll vote on the possibility of signing a new fullback. Mike Sellars will be 36 next week and has shown severe deterioration at the FB position, but is still heavily involved in the special teams. This year's FB class is better than most. We also have second year man Darrell Young in the mix. Today you'll get to stay with what we have, grabs someone new, and this will even feature our first UDFA.