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Who's The Worst Redskins Head Coach Of All-Time?

We need a fearless leader for our band of misfits. Who's the right man to lead this all-time worst Redskins team to a 1-15 record and the #1 overall pick in the draft? You know we won that one game against the Cowboys right?

Jim Zorn - 12W-20L in his 2 seasons. I can't bring up the bad's still too soon.

Steve Spurrier - 12-20 also in his 2 seasons. Liked to drink Michelob Light out of a can from a cooler in his office. Remember Osaka baby!

Richie Petitbon- He did go 4-12 in his one season as a HC but he was handed a raw deal. Longtime great D-coordinator who shouldn't be on this list.

Norv Turner- 49-59-1. Lots of people love to hate on Norv which is why I listed him here. However, he won a NFC East title and his teams were competitive after the first few years of rebuilding. IMOP he doesn't belong on this list.

Mike Nixon- I don't know him either, but he went 4-18-2 with the Redskins in 1959-60. He didn't just suck with us, he somehow got another HC gig with the Steelers and went 2-12 with them.