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Who's The Worst Redskins Punter Of All-Time?

I only have about 15 more polls to post here today, so hang in there. I'm only kidding, I have just a few more to go. The only enjoyment you'll get from this post is the Theismann video right here. The infamous 1 yard punt happens around the 1:52 mark. Your nominees:

Joe Theismann - It's in the record books...1 punt for 1 yard.

Jeff Hayes- Averaged just 39 YPP and had an ugly block in the Super Bowl against the Raiders.

Ed Bunn - 3rd round pick in 1993 who never played a game. Throwing away a 3rd round pick on a punter who never played? WOW!

Durant Brooks- Not quite as bad as Bunn, but we wasted a 6th round pick in 2008 on him and he didn't last 1 season