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Who's The Best Redskins Punter Of All-Time?

I've narrowed the list at this position down to 3 guys...which wasn't very hard to do. We have a guy from the 90's, from the 70's and the 40's. That leaves some serious time gaps when the Redskins haven't been stable at the Punter position, including right now!

Sammy Baugh- Averaged 45.1 YPP for his career. Lead the NFL in punting 5 times. Had 5 straight seasons when he had a punt travel longer than 74 yards!

Matt Turk- He was kind of blackballed by the Redskins over a broken finger and his brother having a bad snap during a FG attempt in the playoffs. But, the guy was clutch when he was in DC. In 5 seasons he averaged 43.8 YPP and made 3 Pro Bowl squads and 1 All Pro team.

Mike Bragg - Played 12 seasons in burgundy and gold and never missed a game, playing in 172 games overall. He's one of the 70 Greatest Redskins.