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Who's The Redskins Worst Kicker Of All-Time?

This is almost painful to look at...nothing I can't stand worse than a Kicker who can't kick! Let's take a quick look at the nominees:

Jeff Hall - Picked in the 6th round in 1999, he never played a game.

Ali Haji-Sheikh - Played just 1 season but still made his mark...a skid mark if you ask me. He missed 3 XP's and made just 13-19 FG's during the season. He followed that up by missing 3/4 FG's in the NFC Championship game, nearly costing the Redskins a Super Bowl title.

Bob Khayat- Never hear of neither. He played long ago when guys played both ways, so I'm assuming he was a way better O-lineman than he was a kicker. As a kicker he barely made 50% of his FG's, going 38-74 for his career.

Max Zendejas- Another 1 season and out guy, thank goodness. He missed an amazing 5 XP's on just 28 tries! Also went 9/14 on FG's and only 4/9 from 30+ yards.

John Aveni- This guy made the above kickers look like Gary Anderson in 1998. Dude made just 5 FG's in 28 attempts! I'm certain Kevin could do better than that...while wearing a Suisham jersey of course.