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Who's The Worst Redskins DT Of All-Time?

The nominees are:

Bobby Wilson - 1st round pick in 1991 who played 4 lackluster seasons in DC. The real kicker is Ted Washington was taken 8 picks later...Washington made 4 Pro Bowls and played 17 seasons.

Tracy Rocker - 3rd round pick in 1990, he was an All-Rookie selection his first season...he was out of football 1 year later.

Bob Slater - 2nd round pick in 1984, he never played a game in the NFL.

Dana Stubblefield- The Redskins signed him to a 6yr/$36 million dollar deal after the 1997 season when he was the NFL Defensive POY w/ 15 sacks. He would register just 7 sacks in 3 seasons in DC. Legend has it he skipped out of Redskins Park when he was given his release...literally skipping, giddy like a child.

Albert Haynesworth - You know the deal.