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HH Community GM: Defensive End

Do you want one half of the "Brothers Jenkins"?
Do you want one half of the "Brothers Jenkins"?

I've been slacking big time on the Community GM and I apologize for that. The last Community GM we did focused on the Quarterback position. Rex Grossman won the vote by nearly 100 votes over Vince Young (COME ON PEOPLE!), Alex Smith got the third most votes, and Marc Bulger came in 4th.

Players Signed
Ryan Harris, RT: 6 Years, $5 Million
Jonathan Joseph, CB: 6 Years, $12 Million
Aubrayo Franklin, NT: 4 Years, $8 Million
Davin Joseph, G, 6 years, $7 Million
Santana Moss, WR, 3 years, $5.5 Million
Rex Grossman, QB, 2 years, $4 Million

Right now we still have $24.5 million to spend and we're kind of in "wild card" situations, so if anyone has any suggestions on positions to focus on then please post it here. Today we will focus on the DE, and maybe next we'll focus on another interior lineman.

Currently our DE rotation is projected to include the following players: Carriker, Jenkins, Daniels, Jarmon, and Holliday. Have fun! Please remember price tags are per year.