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Redskins Rumor Mill Churning: Free Agents/Re-Signings

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None of these ideas or remedies are all that new to anyone here at Hogs Haven.  But we are starting to get confirmation that some of the players that we have discussed over the lockout as Redskins signings have been targeted internally by the Skins. Jason LaCanfora recently did a breakdown of Skins' targets and possible internal confirmations that he and others have received.

Thankfully, the list is mainly absent of big names such as Nnamdi Asomugha.  The two "biggest" names that LaCanfora points to is Jets' wide receiver Santonio Holmes and Ravens offensive lineman Marshal Yanda.

Signing New York Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes reportedly is the primary objective of Redskins coach and chief decision maker Mike Shanahan. Guard Marshal Yanda, a player whom the Baltimore Ravens will vigorously fight to retain -- just as the Jets will make a concerted effort to retain Holmes -- also is coveted in Washington.

It seems as if the back up plan for Yanda is to pursue other Ravens' linemen Chris Chester or Jared Gaither.  Other "outsiders" that look to be envied by the Skins are the brothers Jenkins, Kris and Cullen, Giants defensive lineman Barry Cofield, and 49ers nose tackle Aubrayo Franklin.

When it comes to re-signings it looks as if the Skins will cut ties with Rocky McIntosh, but still have plans for Jammal Brown, Santana Moss, and Philip Buchanon.

LaCanfora does mention Vince Young, but thankfully says he has not been much of a topic among internal discussions.

All in all it looks like the Skins are going after some quality individuals and important pieces to this team, rather then a couple of "big-name" guys.