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Redskins Magazine: Best Redskins Road Trip Story

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If you recall last year, Ken and I put together the Redskins Annual 2010 magazine. We've been pushing through the final touches on the 2011 edition (more good stuff from Football Outsiders' Doug Farrar), and we've reached the point where we're ready for the fans to contribute.

Last year we asked everyone for their best Redskins story. We received at least a dozen 5-star stories ranging from a Father that made his daughter's boyfriend (Cowboys fan) watch the game in a separate room that only had a 13-inch black and white TV, to intricate details of the seat cushion game, and one fan who broke down on 495 en route to the Cowboys game only to have fellow Skins drive them the rest of the way.

This year we're asking for your best road trip story. Email them to I will randomly pick a winner for everyone that submits a story. Prize will be a collection of New York Times newspapers from the Redskins greatest moments.