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Eagles Changing to Tampa 2

Remember Juan Castillo? The defensive genius who lead the Kingsville High School football team from 1986-89? If its not ringing a bell then you may remember Castillo from his promotion to the Eagles' DC spot. He has worked for the team since 1995 and has had various positions coaching there, but all focusing on the offensive side of the ball.

Recently there have been a number of reports, including our friends at Bleeding Green Nation, detailing the Eagles' not so discrete move of moving to the Cover 2 or Tampa 2 defense. Probably, the most comparable defense to what the Eagles are said to be installing is the Bears.

Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. voiced his primary concern with the transition:

"Going to a rather strict Cover 2 for Philly makes very little sense. I can't come up with a worse Cover 2 fit than Asante Samuel. He doesn't tackle!"

Dan Graziano touched on the how this effects the Eagles opening at MLB:

The linebackers become very interesting in this scheme. If the analysis is correct, it would seem that re-signing Stewart Bradley would be a priority, since there are concerns about Jamar Chaney's pass coverage abilities at the middle linebacker spot. But if they're forced to go with Chaney, his speed would certainly be an asset in deepening that middle zone that stands as the difference between the Cover 2 and Tampa 2.

Other things to think about with this change in scheme is how it will effect the Eagles with a possible shortened preseason and less time to prepare. Can the defense pick up the concept for the opener in St. Louis and will the transition linger throughout the season similar to what we saw with the Skins last year (although this is obviously not as drastic)?