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Haynesworth's Lawyer Scolded in Misdemeanor Sexual Abuse Trial

"Right booby....left booby....right booby...."
"Right booby....left booby....right booby...."

It's well known that Haynesworth's trial was pushed back to August 23rd. The timing is horrible given the Redskins will be in week 3 of pre-season. However, the details of the case progression are quite comical:

The defense attorney in Albert Haynesworth's misdemeanor sexual abuse trial has been reprimanded by the judge for the Redskins player's absence in court for a preliminary hearing...A. Scott Bolden, Haynesworth's attorney, told D.C. Superior Court Senior Judge Patricia Wynn he believed an earlier ruling specified that Haynesworth was allowed to waive his presence since the case is a misdemeanor. [Judge Wynn's response] "This is his first priority. I would expect he'd be here."

The best part of this quote is "Judge Patricia Wynn." Haynesworth, who has a prior history of negligence, has a female Judge in a sexual abuse case. Good luck with that. I don't know if the lawyer asked him not to come, but surely a lawyer would know the repercussions for a no-show and he's trying to cover #92's ass. So, Haynesworth can't show up for practice or court. Haynesworth originally rejected a DA plea down to simple assault. To make matters worse, the prosecution is bringing up 10 witnesses, which is a large number for a case of this magnitude.

According to a Washington D.C. law site, this is the penalty for Haynesworth if found guilty:

A person can be convicted of misdemeanor sexual abuse if the person engages in either a sexual act or sexual contact with another person when the offender should have known that he or she did not have the other person's permission. The penalty for this offense is a maximum fine of $1000 and no more than 180 days in jail. D.C. Criminal Code 22-3006.

(H/T ExtremeSkins)