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Who's The Worst Redskins DE Of All-TIme?

Here's a quick look at the candidates, for more details about their hall of fame shame careers click here.

  • Todd Liebenstein - 4th round pick had 1.5 career sacks.
  • Steve Hamilton - 2nd round pick who generated 6.5 sacks in 46 career games.
  • Mat Mendenhall - 2nd round pick who quit on the Redskins during the 83' training camp. 1 sack in 23 games.
  • Shane Collins - 2nd round pick totalled 1 sack in 30 games.
  • Jason Taylor - $16.5 million and 2 draft picks for 3.5 sacks and 29 tackles. He actually walked away from some of that money just to leave town.