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Hogs Haven Community GM: Wide Receiver

Yesterday we had the closest vote yet in the Community GM with former Tampa Buccaneer Davin Joseph signing on for 6 years, $7 million by just about ten votes over the Ravens Marshal Yanda. Joseph is certainly an interesting pick, he'll be 28 in November and was a Pro Bowler in 2008. If we re-sign Jam Brown and sign Joseph then our line is looking Soonerific.

Today we'll explore the wide receiver position. Some think we should bring back Santana Moss, others think we need to bring in some help from elsewhere. And then there are those that want to stand pat.

There seemed to be cramping up yesterday, so I hope everyone brought their extra strength Midol to get through one last day before the long weekend.

We have $34 million left to spend here folks. I'd like to thank Steveo for all the help with the financials this week. I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend and we'll pick this back up with Inside Linebackers on Tuesday. O and Happy Canada Day to that crazy hoser SSBlitz.

Players Signed
Ryan Harris, RT: 6 Years, $5 Million
Jonathan Joseph, CB: 6 Years, $12 Million
Aubrayo Franklin, NT: 4 Years, $8 Million
Davin Joseph, G, 6 years, $7 Million