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Redskins Miss Great Opportunity to Enhance Fedex Field for Families

Fedex Field desperately needs family/non-alcoholic sections. Image via <a href=""></a>
Fedex Field desperately needs family/non-alcoholic sections. Image via

The team source said the project was about "enhancing the fan experience" and unrelated to any possible decrease in demand for tickets. The Redskins, who have finished with a winning record only twice since 1999, are attempting to match features of other NFL stadiums, such as those at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas and Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. [WaTimes]

Would the Redskins really rip out seats if they were all sold? No. This has nothing to do with game-day experience. I can understand the Redskins not wanting to do a full on marketing blitz during a lockout, but they missed a golden opportunity to get away with doing just that while also appeasing a rocky fanbase. FAMILY SECTION SEATING.

Many stadiums do it, including the Cleveland Browns. The large number of drunks at Fedex is an epidemic (and that says a lot since I'm tailgating hard all four hours the gates are open). Time and time again I hear of Redskins friends and family avoiding Fedex because of the foul language and fighting. So, why not make that entire end-zone section alcohol-free?

The team is turning around and that would have given many of the Redskins fans out there that are recent Dads a reason to take their kids to games in peace. The idea to put in more standing-room party tickets is a major fail on the fan experience behalf for 3 major reasons:

  1. Adding more cheap tickets only makes it easier for opposing fans to bus down in droves (Nats Park Nightmares)
  2. The upper deck standing room encourages MORE drinking. Is there going to be a yellow jacket assigned to each row? Even still. The business model of "get them in the door and make money off concessions" is in play here.
  3. So, it's just a coincidence standing room tickets don't apply to the sellout record and whether the NFL can blackout a game.
I applaud the Skins for keeping the sellouts going, but again, they missed a golden opportunity to both bring back die-hard fans and fill seats.