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Party Time at FedEx?

Getty Images

Scott E's investigative journalism from February may be coming to fruition. As noticed by many at this weekend's Kenny Chesney concert many seats have been removed from the upper deck end zones at FedEx Field. It's been estimated that anywhere from 3,000 to 6,000 seats have been removed. All signs and rumors point towards a party deck, but no confirmation or announcement has been made by the Redskins. The Redskins announced today that the construction project is indeed party decks.

Pictures of what FedEx looks like now can be found HERE (via Dan Steinberg)

Personally, I'm kind of excited by the idea of spicing up FedEx and inserting some kind of party deck, especially if the tickets are at the right price ($50 or below). I've always had a theory that the higher you go up into FedEx the higher the BAC of the patrons, everyone knows the upper deck is where its at. No one wants to be like Kevin in his cushy seats drinking wine coolers and eating fine cheeses.

All joking aside, if they make the deck the right way it will be a lot of fun.

- The stadium could be louder if they make it aluminum similar to the club level renovations from last year.

- More fans will be standing and cheering, being more engaged.

- This might also weed out some visiting fans (I can dream right), who won't want to stand the whole game.

Anything else? What does everyone else think about the possibility of a party deck at FexEx?