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Summing Up The Mike Shanahan Era via Game Shows

The Redskins certainly are on the right path, but there was no shortage of drama, which is usually the case when so many big named players and staff are in a major market. Here's the good and bad of the last 16 months. Enjoy.


The Honeymoons are over...


This lingered on through training camp and the regular season. Ironically, after the deal was signed in November of 2010, now we're back to Deal or No Deal.



A locker room cancer, yet a load of blob talent on the cheap (salary-wise) for the next TWO years. What to do? (PS - I don't know myself).


Grossman and Kyle Shanahan were reportedly roommates on road games in Houston, and of course, McNabb was benched in favor of Grossman.


And to put the bow on everything, here's how we got to the Shanahan era: