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Do the Redskins Have Any Real Interest in Plaxico Burress?

Former New York Giant and Virginia native Plaxico Burress was released from the Onieda Correctional Facility in Rome New York today. Waiting for Plax outside of the gates was agent Drew Rosenhaus (who else!?), who immediately went into the on field speculation regarding his client.

"We are going to be open to all 32 teams. Ultimately, this will be Plax's decision, not mine. I am here to help him pick the best spot and get the very best contract. And that is what we will do … Before the lockout started and during that very brief window, right around the time of the draft, the feedback was excellent. Plaxico is going to be a top free agent, there are going to be multiple teams interested in signing him. I expect him to get a good contract, I expect him to absolutely be playing. I think he'll be coveted. He'll be one of our top free agents." (via Yahoo Sports)

The immediate speculation is that Burress will join fellow felon Virginian, Michael Vick and become a Eagle. Plax was wearing a Phillies hat today which, ridiculously, fueled the speculation more about the Eagles possibility. Other logical spots that have been mentioned are the Jets, as a backup plan fro Braylon Edwards, or the Rams, who are in desperate need of a WR for 2nd year QB Sam Bradford.

Somehow, almost inexplicably in my mind, the 34 year old WR keeps having the Redskins linked to his name when rumors surface. There is no tangible proof that the Skins have any interest in him, yet it keeps coming up in conversation. I do not see any situation where Plaxico should even be seriously discussed as becoming a member of this squad, ESPECIALLY if Santana Moss re-signs with the team.