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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays

1. I predicted the lockout would be over by July 15th. I stand by that. Now, you may ask how I think I know such things. Easy...I don't know anything. By embracing my own ignorance, I have opened a window into the ignorance of this current debacle. If this thing doesn't end in mid-July--in time to get players in town, have a ridiculously speedy free agency period and play an abbreviated preseason schedule--I genuinely worry that we will lose some football this year.

2. The longer this thing goes, the more I worry about the Redskins in a "ridiculously speedy free agency period." Last season we were almost the model of restraint. Players came and then something weird happened...they left town without contracts. If free agency is only going to last a week or two this summer, a team like the Redskins is at least potentially susceptible to bidding against itself. My hope is that they have a few middle tier guys in their sights and if they want to spend a few extra bucks on those guys to bring them in so be it. As long as we don't overpay the guys that are already in line to collect massive paydays, I will call it a victory.

3. Adding a few middle tier free agents in free agency is exactly what we need to do. Hard-working, coachable players that don't come in expecting to have starting jobs handed to them is all I want. Our young players need some good competition in camp and throughout the season, but if we start signing "names" that keep the young guys on the bench, we are screwed.

4. Leonard Hankerson update: he is still awesome and will be starting Week 1.

5. On Pickled Hogs Radio, here on Hogs Haven and on local sports shows I have been shocked to find myself in a debate on whether or not Brandon Banks will make this team in 2011. Again, I am not very smart, but my take is: Are people on crack? Did they watch last season? Was there any other player on our team that caused entire stadiums to stand up and breathlessly watch to see what would happen when he touched the ball besides Brandon Banks? Assuming he is free and clear of injuries and off-the-field distractions, I just don't see how he fails to make this squad. Remember, he came in at the same time as Shanahan, got his chance under this new regime and saw his role grow from the beginning of the season to the end of it. I would be shocked if he was not asked to continue that in 2011.

6. My question this week is: Does Mike Sellers make this team in 2011?