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Hogs Haven Community GM: Guard

Once again, Hogs Haven has spoken and signed former 49er Aubrayo Franklin to a 4 year, $8 million dollar deal. I must say that if we add a big name wide receiver tomorrow, this team will be looking Vinny-tastic! Personally I like the Franklin signing, but I would have liked to see some more money saved at cornerback and right tackle. Oh well, we'll save the analysis for the end of the exercise.

After starting out with a cool $66 million in our pockets, we are now down to $41 million. Here is a look at our three signings:

Players Signed
Ryan Harris, RT: 6 Years, $5 Million
Jonathan Joseph, CB: 6 Years, $12 Million
Aubrayo Franklin, NT: 4 Years, $8 Million

Let us shape this baby up and get away from the rotting stinky stank of the Vinny-meister. Today we will look at guards, but tomorrow will be the true test when we examine wide receivers. Cheers!