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Who's The Best Redskins TE Of All-Time

Here's your choices for the best Redskins TE of all-time. Only the top vote-getter earns a spot on our all-time roster.

Don Warren - 14 seasons and 193 regular season games played. 3-time Super Bowl champion known more for his blocking alongside the Hogs than for his pass catching (although he did catch 244 balls). Member of the 70 Greatest Redskins team.

Jerry Smith- 13 seasons and 168 regular season games played. Also a member of the 70 Greatest Redskins team. 421 receptions, 5496 yards and 60 TD's. 2-time Pro-Bowler and 1-time All-Pro. (Spent some time at WR)

Chris Cooley- 7 seasons and 103 regular season games played. 420 receptions, 4638 yards and 33 TD's. 2-time Pro Bowler. Will break Smith's franchise record for receptions in 2011 in 5 less seasons.