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Will Brandon Banks be a Redskin in 2011?

Banks is a fan favorite but does he fill a need on this squad?
Banks is a fan favorite but does he fill a need on this squad?

With the addition of three wide receivers from this year's it seems as if Brandon Banks could be on the hot seat more than any other Redskin this offseason.. This has certainly been a hot topic of debate around Hogs Haven and among all Redskins fans.

I have to preface this by saying that I'm not a Banks fan, so this is from the perspective of him not making the team. Is Banks fun to watch? Absolutely. But for a guy that only scored a grand total of one touchdown last year, we seem to praise him a lot. I think a lot of us got caught up in the classic underdog/mighty mouse aspect of Banks' preseason.

Shanny has already laid out that he thinks Banks is solely a punt returner? So is keeping guy that can really only do one thing worth it? Especially when you drafted some other guys, like Niles Paul and Aldrick Robinson, that can do the same thing? We remember the long returns, but fail to remember Banks' fumbling troubles in the preseason. That's probably why he didn't make the team right out of the gate.

He's purely one dimensional and doesn't add much to the passing game. So if Moss comes back then how could we possible justify keeping Moss, Hankerson, Armstrong, Paul, Kelley/Robinson, and Banks? I just don't think he adds enough and, as someone said yesterday, he's purely an optical illusion.

Some may not want to let go of Banks out of fear that he'll go somewhere else and become the next Dante Hall or Devin Hester, but I don't see that. Teams had a crack at Banks more than once and the only guy that gave him a shot was Danny Smith and/or Mike Shanahan.

Banks is more a gimmick than anything, he's fun to watch but he needs to be replaced by a quality NFL player that can return and contribute to the passing game. Sorry Brandon.