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Chris Cooley Further Explains McNabb's Troubles On Rich Eisen's Podcast

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As noted a few days ago, Chris Cooley went on NFL Network's 'Total Access' and gave his thoughts on the state of the Redskins, including what he thought the fate of Donovan McNabb and Albert Haynesworth could be once the lockout is lifted. 

A day later, he joined Rich Eisen for his podcast and further explained his thoughts on McNabb in particular, and why the offense struggled. Here's a taste of some of the quotes he gave to Eisen:

On the reality that the McNabb acquisition didn't work out:

"It's hard because you have to be honest and say 'this didn't work'. You're not lying when you say this didn't work for us and it's probably not going to continue in the future. So you're on a fine line because you're saying 'this guy's my friend' and in no way shape or form don't want to say he's not a good football player."

On if McNabb had trouble grasping the two minute offense:

"I can't say that he had trouble with it. I think he was fine, I think he was comfortable with it."

On the wristband story:

"To be very honest with you, when that news broke, that was the first that I had heard about him not wanting to wear a wristband. And to me, it seems that Mike [Shanahan] is the type of guy that if he wants him to wear a wristband, he's gonna say 'wear it' ."

On if McNabb could have refused to wear the wristband:

"Well I think even the topic of wristband is over rated because he has a microphone in his helment. Plays are called directly into his helmet. Whether or not he reads them, he hears them two seconds before he says them. It wasn't as fluid as you would want it to be. In terms of learning an offense and learning a new language, it wasn't what he would be [in a second season]. I really didn't understand why that was such a big deal [the wristband story]."

For the rest of the podcast, click here.