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NFL And NFLPA Meeting For Four Days This Week For More Labor Talks

With July approaching, you would think the NFL and it's "Trade Association" would be able begin ramping up negotiations this week in order to begin the new league year before it's too late. 

On that front, it looks like we have a bit of good news. 

According to ESPN's Chris Mortenson, the two sides are meeting this week for four days, starting today, in Minnesota to continue the talks that have been ongoing for several weeks.

The bad news? It's that, as of now, there are no actual owners or players expected to show up to these meetings, according to Albert Breer of the NFL Network. Only De Smith and attorneys for both parties are involved in this latest round of negotiations.

It's not clear why owners and players aren't meeting this week, but one could only imagine that the two sides have to agree to some sort of settlement to the antitrust case before they can continue negotiating the parameters of a new CBA. That's a blow to fans hoping to hear an announcement about CBA progress this week. 

With 17 days until July 15th (the expected start of a new league year), the clock is certainly ticking.