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Tuesday Afternoon Backup Quarterback: What Do Tiger Woods, Lindsay Lohan and Barack Obama Have in Common?

Shameless, I know.

Using the old "Who are three people who have never been in my kitchen?" line famously written by Cliff Clavin on the Jeopardy episode of Cheers never gets old. To anyone who clicked on this headline in the hopes that you would learn that these three individuals had anything in common that related to football--or sports in that really my fault?

Oh wait, it is.

That said, I have it on good authority that Woods, Lohan and Obama are all avid Hogs Haven readers. Of course, I had to really read between the lines to arrive at that conclusion. Woods has felt the wrath of Hogs Haven for golfing with Tony Romo. President Obama ripped his entire health care program from one of my "Pour Some Sugar On Me" articles (be honest, those pieces were long enough for this to be true.) And Lindsay Lohan shares a Hogs Haven handle with Rekka. You never know who is logged in as Rekka on any given it Lindsay or is it my man D? Hard to say.

Since I think we need a space for useless trivia/pointless questions on this site with so little going on in the world of football, I could think of no better character to be the face of this endeavor than ol' Cliffie.

The questions we put here will be perfunctorily researched. Often, we won't even know the answers. The right answer will most likely be the most passionately argued one in the comments section. Name-calling and angry rants will almost never win, but will likely dominate the commentary.

Keep your answers as clean as possible, as ridiculous as possible and as enthusiastic as possible, and you could find yourself the proud winner of a Hogs Haven T-shirt.

Today's question: What was the most boneheaded play made by a member of the Washington Redskins over the last 15 years? The floor is yours, my friends.