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Hogs Haven Community GM: Cornerback

Good job yesterday everyone. We ended up signing former MTV Star Ryan Harris to a 6 year, $5 million dollar contract to fill our void at RT. Most picked Harris because of his youth and the fact that he's a former Shanny pick who is familiar with the Zone Blocking Scheme. Harris won in a blowout and trailing behind him were Jammal Brown and Raven's tackle and former Maryland Terp, Jared Gaither.

Today we turn to the tremendous void that Carlos Rogers has left at the cornerback position. CB has been a focal point of discussion here at HH all year and this is sure to be a big decision for the club. Their are a slew of free agents available including All-Pro Nnamdi Asomugha.

There is still $61 million dollars left to spend on the cap. Tomorrow, we will focus on the guard position and then rotate between offense and defense.