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Hogs Haven Community GM

With the Lockout looking to be coming to a close in the near future, a lot of our attention has been turned to what free agents the Skins should sign. I had an idea this weekend, that the HH community should partake in an exercise to see what kind of team we could put together if we were a "Community GM". Disclaimer: This is far from a perfect exercise, nevertheless it should be interesting/fun.

I enlisted Steveo for some help with the numbers and here is what we're starting with:
$125 mil Salary Cap
$80 mil in Current Salaries
$6 mil in Rookie Salaries (new cap)
Cut some guys we don't need any more (no one important, don't worry) to save another $27 mil

We're left with $66 million in cap space.

We'll take a vote everyday on a position of need and who to sign. We've assigned salaries to player. So lets see what we come up with!

Today we begin with the RT spot. Choose wisely the fate of the fake Redskins is in your hands.