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Daily Slop: Joe Gibbs is Confident in Shanny


Kevin Update: Kevin was last seen in Hamburg, Germany for the Women's World Cup.  He was spotted drinking a wine spritzer, eating weinerschnitzel, and wearing a Brandi Chastain sports bra in support of team USA. Anyways on with the slop...

Redskins Will Win Under Mike Shanahan. USA Today

McNabb: Athletes Need to Get Off Twitter.
I guess that McNizzle5 handle I've been cyber-squatting on isn't worth too much. Athletes, including a lot of Skins do say some ridiculously dumb things on twitter.

Redskins Five Most Probable Hall of Famers. Bleacher Report
I usually hate Bleacher Report but this is a good topic of conversation.  I can't decide if its depressing or not.

A Look at Jarvis Jenkins' Progression Over the Years. Mike Jones
Good story, another high character haul for ShanAllen.

Redskins Training Camp Targeted to Open July 28. Rich Campbell
Lets keep our fingers crossed on this one.  I'll also plug, MOVE THE CAMP

Can the Cowboys Learn Rob Ryan's Defense? Dallas Morning News
Probably not, I just see Keith Brooking getting really, unnecessarily angry.