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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays: Chris Cooley the Next "Player GM"?

1. There was less than nothing going on this weekend but there were some interesting votes on Hogs Haven. For starters, the Plaxico vote...I definitely don't think this is the place for Burress. But I DO think he will be a serviceable starter somewhere. Jail can only take so much of the knucklehead out of you, and I imagine that for each individual, it is a different amount. Burress is in a better post-jail position than Mike Vick though, as he will not face a multitude of activists that were offended by his crime. However, he is not to receivers what Vick is to quarterbacks. Burress is not a transcendent pass-catcher. He is gifted enough to be able to contribute to the right team, but it says here that the Redskins are not the right team.

2. I was mildly shocked at the response to the free agency poll where the majority of Hogs Haven readers were in favor of signing a few good players over signing a bunch of role players and backups. I voted for a slug of role players and backups. I would like to see 2011 be a year where we really define what the brand of football will be in D.C. for decades to come. I want to see the schemes take center stage. To me, bringing in a bunch of blue-collar players to grind it out for a year is a good way to break that in. It might help us weed out a few guys who simply are not buying in, and in 2012 we can fill those slots with draft picks or free agent signings. I would even prefer to graduate to a few good players next year before breaking the bank on any big-name players in 2013. In many ways, this team is like a good pork shoulder in the smoker...give it time and care and don't try to force it. With patience and some TLC, you are going to get a hell of a reward in the end.

3. Is Chris Cooley testing the waters to see if he will be the next Clinton Portis, a.k.a. "Player GM"...or is he just saying Burress will be a good player with no agenda?

4. Is this the year where Fred Davis and Chris Cooley combine to be the feared Double TE threat we all have been hoping to see? I know, I know, they were both on the field together last season more than we seem to recall...but I guess I am more looking for that red zone attack that defenses should not be able to stop. Please stop laughing y'all.

5. I don't ever see myself as a bigger fan of any team other than the Redskins. But my relationship with the Nationals took a big step over the last week. Like, we totally did it. Unlike the dirty, sweaty, sometimes violent way the Redskins have violated all of us over the last decade, this was...nice. There was eye contact. There was cuddling. There was breakfast the next morning. I am kind of at a loss--I am not used to being so...respected.

6. TV notes: You know, it did not occur to me that I spoiled a Game of Thrones episode for a few folks two weeks ago. I apologize for that. I mean, the show is based on books that were written years ago, but still, I should have been more responsible. Can anyone out there recommend a decent show to latch onto this summer? I am going to test drive Falling Skies and Franklin and Bash but I am all ears for suggestions.