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Who's The Worst Redskins LB Of All-Time?

We need to knock out this all-time best/worst roster this week, so let's pick the worst 3 linebackers for our 4-3 set. Here's your list of candidates along with their qualifications. This was probably the hardest position to narrow down to the worst 5, so if you have a better choice please choose other and nominate your choice in the comments section.

Rick Hamilton - 3rd round pick totaled 22 tackles and 0 sacks during his 1+ season in Washington.

Warrick Holman - Started 2 seasons for the Redskins despite being totally lost in the defensive scheme.

Greg Jones- 2nd round pick barely averaged a tackle per game. 3 potential Hall of Famers were chosen after him in 1997 draft.

Michael Barrow - Signed a 6yr $11.6 million dollar deal with the Redskins...he never played a single game.

Jeremiah Trotter - Redskins signed him to a 7yr $36 million dollar deal after he made 2 straight Pro Bowls in Philly. He stunk for 2 seasons in DC, then went back to Philly and made another 2 Pro Bowls.