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Cooley Believes Plaxico Would Fill Need

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Everybody this side of the Atlantic Ocean knows the Redskins have been searching for a number one receiver since Art Monk left DC, earlier this week, Redskins TE Chris Cooley went on record saying Plaxico Burress could be just that guy.

"We need a big-time receiver. We've got to have someone step in and fill that position."

After dismissing Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens, Cooley said, "In my opinion, Plaxico Burress probably is a guy that's humbled such as Michael Vick was, a lot, in the same situation. If you were going to take a risk on a guy that's a good player, he's probably the guy you're going to take a risk on."

"He'll probably step in a locker room, keep his mouth shut, work hard and try to earn his way back into the league the first season."

Now, Chris went on to say he believes Santana Moss will be resigned and that Anthony Armstrong could emerge as a break-out star in 2011, but it brought up the thought of Plaxico in DC. The first question that should be asked is just how much talent does Burress still have after not playing football since the 2008 season. Much has been said about him working out while in jail, but is that type of workout alone good enough to stay in NFL player shape? His numbers pre-shooting incident were by all means impressive 505 catches and 7845 yards with 55 TD's, but he is also a little over a month away from turning 34 years old and looked noticeably thin at his press conference.

The second question that should be asked is could he fit the system and how good of a teammate would he be. The answer to that can only be found over time, but the amount of former teammates who have spoken about Plax show me he was liked before.

The third question should be, would DC be the right place for Plaxico to make a comeback? This may be the biggest factor of all given the Redskins are under attack in the media constantly and bringing in Plaxico would certainly fuel a media driven "circus".

What is your opinion?