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Daily Slop: DHall Nominated for an ESPY

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Via Alvin Keels DeAngelo Hall Has Been Nominated for an ESPY
I'm guessing this is for best individual performance or maybe most likely to say something dumb?

Blogging the BEAST: Owners ruining Free Agency?
Interesting overview on potential FA changes and how it effects the division.

Would the Eagles Bring Back Donovan McNabb?
Does this question even need to be asked? Well I guess we have nothing else to talk about.

A Look at the Redskins D vs the Cowboys D and What to Expect in 2011. ESPN: Dan Graziano
"Only one team in the league gave up more yards last year than the Redskins did." Awesome.

Redskins Worst Moments. Pro Football Talk
Just in case you want some anti-Kool Aid on this Friday. All of this behind us right? RIGHT?

Is Sidney Rice a Fit for the Skins? Burgundy Blog
I thought the draft squashed most notions of Mr. Rice coming to the District. Thank god Vinny's gone.

Linebackers Pass Rushing Productivity. Pro Football Focus (Special Thanks to Jefferson)
Rocky McIntosh ranks surprisingly high over the past 3 years. Should we re-sign him?