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Donovan McNabb Further Explains Last Year's Troubles On Youtube

Earlier in the week, Donovan McNabb said on 'The Robinson Report', a Youtube series hosted by Seattle running back Michael Robinson, that in 2011 he will 'prove his doubters wrong' and that it will be a 'special season'.

However that clip was just a portion of a longer interview, one that was released in full last night on Youtube.

In the full interview, McNabb was asked about last season how difficult of a transition it was going from a team he had been with for eleven seasons to a completely new team:

"It was very difficult. It was difficult because you're going into a new system, you're [with] new players, you're going into new surroundings. You're trying to do the things you've been doing over the past 11 years, and things change", McNabb said.  "You're trying to not be a robot in what [the Redskins] want, but you obviously want to be perfect in what they're trying to teach you and trying to show you. And it just wasn't me. "

McNabb was also asked where he believes he'll end up once the lockout ends:

"I'll be somewhere. That's all I can really give you at this particular point. There's been a lot of talk that I don't focus on. When this lockout ends, then we'll definitely find out. Words [have] got to be spoken. We've talked with the Redskins before the lockout happened, [and] aired out our differences and tried to see where everybody's head was at. Obviously the lockout happened where we had to stop talks. Once the lockout ends, we'll get back on the phone and get back in each others faces, and find out."

For the full video, click here.