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Daily Slop: Want a Piece of errr.. History?

Kevin is off on a European vacation for the next week and half, so I'm trying to pick up the slack on the Redskins daily news and any breaking news may come up.  What comes to mind when you think of Kevin in Europe? I'm pretty sure he's exploring a male-only nude beach in Spain wearing a speedo, fedora and drinking whatever the European equivalent to Zima is.  Enjoy that mental picture.

Redskins Selling 800 Removed Stadium Seat: Washington Post
Who wouldn't want to relive so many valuable memories at FedEx? ummm...

Bowie Mayor Supports Redskins Move: Gazzette.Net‎
A look on some more details on the Skins potential move out of Ashburn.

NFL Dispute Could Cost Maryland Millions of Dollars: Reuters
Overview of the economic impact the state of Maryland could suffer from if the lockout continues.  Could cost Maryland upwards of $40 million.

Joe Theismann Weighs in on the Lockout:
And of course touched on a lot of other things, man this guy loves to talk.

A Look at Last Year's Injury Replacement and Their Pursuit of a Roster Spot in 2011: Rich Tandler, CSN
Some interesting names that could grab a roster spot and contribute in 2011.