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Daily Slop: Vonnie Holliday Top Rankied DLineman Statistically; Cooley Thinks Plax a Good Fit in DC

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Um, yea, no. Either way, let's not freak out if he is brought into camp. As we learned last year, it doesn't mean anything until the final 53 is announced.

Joe Gibbs Is A Really Good Guy
Story on how Gibbs' handled Reed Doughty's leave of absence before his last pre-season game to attend to his son's health.

Three Years of Pass Rushing Productivity: Interior Defensive Linemen |
Vonnie Holliday makes top 20 list over last 3 years (so does Haynesworth) and for 2010. Good stuff.

The Cowboys may have made an enormous mistake not franchise tagging LT Doug Free – Blogging the bEast
Under new rules, Free, one of the better Tackles in the NFL, is a Free agent.

Hankerson benifitted from workouts | John Keim | NFL | Washington Examiner
"They taught me this route and that route and how to run it and where to run it at," Hankerson said. "The first time I didn’t know all that stuff. I had to learn it first-hand. [Now] the quarterback can call out a route and tell me to run this route and I can be the first one to run it." news: Cooley: Burress could go from prison to Redskins' roster
Cooley: "In my opinion, Plaxico Burress probably is a guy that's humbled such as Michael Vick was, a lot, in the same situation. If you were going to take a risk on a guy that's a good player, he's probably."

LaRon Landry's Monkey Has a Modeling Career | NBC Washington

Redskins free agents under proposed CBA | Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
No surprises here.

The best potential free agents under 4-year rules - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports

How Young Alex Ovechkin Ended The Cold War
Kid pic of Ovie in USA getup.