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Details of New CBA Emerging: Players get 48%


In the next proposed agreement players will receive a 48 percent share of "all revenue," without the $1-billion-plus credit off the top that had been a point of contention in earlier negotiations, according to sources familiar with the presentation.

  • A new 16-game Thursday night TV package beginning in 2012 2014 will be the source of new revenue (instead of 18-games, though the owners would still try and negotiate for it).
  • In the previous collective bargaining agreement, players received approximately 60 percent of "total revenue" but that did not include $1 billion that was designated as an expense credit off the top of the $9 billion revenue model.
  • NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith has stated that players were actually receiving around 53 percent of all revenues instead of the much advertised 60 percent.
Some sources point to mid-July as a deal date while others still feel early July is reachable. Goodell is meeting with the DeMaurice Smith now and all the owners are in town. Today and tomorrow should tell us a lot.