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Redskins Rank 22nd in 2011 NFL Organizational Rankings

Adam Schein, a writer at Fox Sports and host of "Sirius Blitz" on Sirius NFL Radio, put together an "Organizational Rankings" list, which he was clear has nothing to do with Power Rankings. Instead, he awarded points (1-10) for Owner, QB, Head Coach, Front Office, Coaching Staff, and Intangibles. I agree the Redskins are a tough team to grade in this regards, but as we all know, the Redskins are still a mess with blind hope and optimism leading the charge in 2011. 22 seems fair to me.

The only surprise I see on this list is that Cleveland is ahead of the Redskins. I mean, they went 5-11 last year and arguably have a worse QB situation than the Redskins (Delhomme, McCoy, and Seneca Wallace). 

Owner: 5
Quarterback: 1
Coach: 7.5
Front office: 8
Coaching staff: 4
Intangibles: 4

This was the single toughest team to grade. Dan Snyder is fine when you lock him in the closet and let the football people spend his money. I love Mike Shanahan, but last year was so messy. I think Bruce Allen knows what he is doing. I do not think Kyle Shanahan, who orchestrated the Rex Grossman for Donovan McNabb circus, is the coach his father is. "Redskins Nation" has turned into a skeptical fan base. The quarterback situation is a total disaster.

It's interesting Schein highlighted the skeptical fan base. Buffalo and Cleveland have had crappy teams for 10+ years, yet their fans are still rabid. Certainly, the Hogs and Snyder eras compare in zero ways, but I'm reminded every home game that the Redskins fanbase cares less. They watch from a distance on their home TVs, but the days of tracking to Fedex Field are long over. I shudder to see how the Redskins rank in the "Fan" rankings from a national columnist.

Until the Redskins make the playoffs nothing will change in these type of rankings. It is what it is. End the lockout please.