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Our Final Answer: Redskins Top Ten Draft Successes

Our latest installment in the Final Answer series is the counterpart to our Top Ten Draft Busts that we posted. While I will refrain from adding too much commentary to these--after all, we spent a month talking about these topics already--I will say that I was VERY happy to see Sammy Baugh climb so high in the final tally. It should be noted that the top vote getters for both Busts and Successes were pretty much landslide winners. Heath Shuler and Darrell Green absolutely left their respective competition in the dust. It should be noted that George Starke, listed here, was let go by the Redskins before coming back and dominating as a member of the Hogs. But he qualifies since he was in fact drafted by the team.

We asked Redskins fans who the Top Ten Draft Successes were and this is...Our Final Answer:

1. Darrell Green--DB, 1983

2. Sammy Baugh--QB, 1937

3. Art Monk--WR, 1980

4. Russ Grimm--OL, 1981

5. Chris Hanburger--LB, 1965

6. Chris Samuels--OL, 2000

7. Dexter Manley--DE, 1981

8. Charley Taylor--WR, 1964

9. George Starke--OL, 1971

10. Jon Jansen--OL, 1999