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Report: Eagles' Jim Washburn Wants Albert Haynesworth "Badly"


It's been very difficult the last 24 hours to report anything not John Beck or Fedex Field related, but alas, Jason Brewer, the lead blogger for the SB Nation Eagles website, Bleeding Green Nation, just came across a very interesting article on the Eagles wanting Haynesworth

"[Jim Washburn] is convinced he can get the most out of Haynesworth," the Eagles source said. "He wants him badly.......This is the year. We think we have a great shot to win it, and we're loading up and going for it."

The first thing I do with rumors like these is check the source. Mike Silver is a Yahoo! writer with a verified Twitter account including 19,000+ followers. That certainly makes him credible enough (yes, Miley Cyrus probably has 12,000,000 followers, but Sports journalists rarely have even over 5000).

Jim Washburn, the Eagles' DL Coach, coached in Tennessee for 11 years including all 7 of Haynesworth's dating from 2002. If anyone can harness Haynesworth, I believe it's Washburn. If I'm the Redskins, I'm very hesitant to trade this blob unless it's a REAL value. I can already hear the Eagles fans chanting now "Thanks for paying Haynesworth to kick your own ass!" I'd much rather trade Haynesworth to the AFC for a case of Independence Air peanuts then send him to the Eagles for anything. Let's assume the Eagles are willing to trade a 5th round pick. Would you do it? I wouldn't.

Do you remember how Haynesworth played against the Bears? You better believe he'll be playing like that vs the Redskins. Oh, and the fact we have the worst interior OL in the NFL right now is another problem.

And since I basically ripped off Brewer's post, please