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2 Redskins Tackles Rank Bottom 10 in Pass Blocking Efficiency

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With a title like that, one would probably guess the culprits are Stephon Heyer and Jammal Brown. That would be incorrect.  Pro Football Focus released their stats for the best and worst individual Tackle ratings, and both Trent Williams and Stephon Heyer appeared on the list. The formula is:

Sacks added to three quarters of Hits and Hurries, divided by the amount of snaps in pass protection multiplied by a 100. That's the Pass Blocking Inefficiency formula, or: ((Sacks + (0.75 * Hits) + (0.75 * Hurries)) / Pass Pro Snaps) * 100

So, Trent Williams was inefficient 6.38 of the time while Heyer was 6.80. In defense of Trent Williams, 10 of the Redskins 16 opponents had a Pro-Bowl Defensive End on the right side. In addition, let's just say the Lichtensteiger will never be mistaken for Russ Grimm.

If there is a silver lining, free agent Right Tackle, Ryan Harris, finished in the top 10 for Right Tackles.