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MD Native Leigh Bodden: "I'm No Longer a Redskins Fan"

First, much thanks to Cindy Boren for organizing the Washington Post Sports tweetup last night. Several Redskins media and NFLPA reps were in attendance. At one point, Cindy introduced Leigh Bodden on the mike and asked if anyone had any questions. Being 6 Coronas down, naturally I had two:

Kevin: What's harder...enduring this lockout or playing for Cleveland?

Bodden: (laughter) 

Kevin: Shawn Springs is a DC native having played High School ball at Springbrook. Did his "Blue" nickname carry up to Boston?

Bodden: (big smile) "OH YEA."

That made my day. He went on saying his Springs' stories were not appropriate for this kind of environment. I've seen Shawn Springs first hand at a charity event being a playa, so I let that go being a big  Springs fan myself. After the Q&A, I got to chat with Bodden off to the side.

Kevin: You grew up in Hyattsville, MD...are you still a Redskins fan?

Bodden: Hell no.

Kevin: So, if the Pats were knocked out of the playoffs and the Redskins were in the Super Bowl, you're telling me you wouldn't root for them?

Bodden: Nope.

Kevin: But you grew up a Redskins fan, right? I imagine Darrell Green was your idol?

Bodden: Oh yea...huge Redskins fan growing up. I had the jerseys. I talked to Darrell recently....loved him when I was young.

Kevin: (after asking how many times Darrell mentioned "Jesus" in their call) So what changed with you hating the Skins?

Bodden responded, and I'm paraphrasing, that the Redskins just aren't the same. The Redskins are a team players only go to get paid. Even with Gibbs. (He wasn't too keen on the Redskins' owner's tactics over that stretch).

Kevin: But that's changed now...we don't drop those big contracts any more. Does the rest of the NFL still view the Redskins as a place only to get paid?

Bodden: Oh yea. 

Sweet. Well, we all knew coming of the Zorn disaster it was going to take 2-3 years minimum to clean out the roster, restore a winning attitude, and as Ted Leonsis said: build a core group of (star) players via the draft. Out of curiousity I asked Bodden how many times he's picked off Tom Brady in practice. He responded, "Twice." That's pretty damn impressive on Brady. I asked if the team gives Brady a hard time over his dancing, hair, and Gisele. 

Bodden: Oh yea. We don't talk about Gisele...but the hair and dancing. hahaha...yea. He's a good dude.

It was a pleasure getting to chat with Bodden. Really funny dude. You can follow him on Twitter @leighbodden.