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Our Final Answer: Redskins Top Ten Draft Busts

We are starting something new here at Hogs Haven. We post numerous polls on countless topics. Everyone rings in with an answer and the votes often tally in the thousands. Yet our opinions get a bit lost in this blog format. So we have decided to add a Section called "Redskins Final Answer" to Hogs Haven. On the right-hand margin, you will notice a drop-down box of sections. Going forward, we hope that the "Final Answer" section will be a valuable and active resource to fans who wish to see what the general consensus is on topics we kick around here.

It is fitting that our first Final Answer is our top ten draft busts poll. We asked Redskins fans who the top ten draft busts were and this is...our Final Answer:

1. Heath Shuler--QB, 1994

2. Desmond Howard--WR, 1992

3. Devin Thomas--WR, 2008

4. Michael Westbrook--WR, 1995

5. Andre Johnson--OT, 1996

6. Rod Gardner--WR, 2001

7. Durant Brooks--P, 2008

8. Bobby Wilson--DT, 1991

9. Tom Carter--DB, 1993

10. Richie Lucas--QB, 1960